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An example of a time I Failed and what I Learned from it

After days of preparation, measurement, analysis and workflow improvement for the manufacturing cell, we were done!

All of us on the Continuous Improvement / Kaizen team were understandably proud of the accomplishment: the cell layout was completely transformed leading to impressive calculated gains in speed, distance and ergonomics.

We had included our first and second shift team members, but not third shift due to the difference in work hours. Still, the team left for the day anxious to see what the positive impacts would be over the next several days.

Next morning, we were astonished! Someone on third shift had used a forklift to place everything back exactly the way it was PRIOR to the continuous improvement event!!!

The key takeaways for me were clear:

  • NEVER forget to include known stakeholders in a project

  • Improve stakeholder communication across the board

Anything similar ever happened to you?


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